Silent Valley Club is open to its members.

After reviewing guidelines issued by the State of California, we are making the following temporary changes effective today:

   -  We will not be taking reservations for any non-members, including; guests or affiliates (ROD or RPI)
   -  No non-member day guests
   -  Rental Trailers will not be available
   -  Playgrounds will be closed
   -  Contactless site registration (put your registration slip in box outside of Member Services. It will be put on your door)
   -  Accounting will be closed to foot traffic
   -  Member Services will be open by appointment only for storage, re-sales, sales, etc.
   -  Park Capacity will be limited to 50%

We ask that everyone follow the guidelines regarding physical distancing, hand washing and the wearing of facial coverings.

We are continuing with our cleaning protocols and staff are screened daily.

We are in contact with representatives from Riverside County Health System (as we have during the entire pandemic) who have assisted us with our questions and concerns.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

Pat Buhrer
Park Director

John Bowers
President, Silent Valley Board of Directors