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Best Campsite Decorating Tips for Halloween 


Halloween weekend at Silent Valley Club is full of family fun! But among all the exciting activities going on, one stands out as the highlight of the weekend: the Decorating Contest. Each year, campers go all out to deck out their campsites for the holiday. Here are some ideas to inspire you for the contest: 


  1. Monster doors: This is a super easy and creative way to spookify your campsite. Turn your RV door into Frankenstein or any of your favorite monsters.  

  1. RV monster: Give your RV windshield a set of spooky, glowing eyes or a set of sharp teeth. 

  1. Chicken wire ghosts: Shape chicken wire into the form of a dress to make it look like a ghost. You can even spray paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint to give it an extra eerie effect.  

  1. Paper Mice: Stick these creepy crawlies around the outside of your RV to give unsuspecting visitors a little shock! 

  1. Gigantic Spider Web: Use a clothesline style rope to create an oversized spider web to creep out your guests.  

  1. Window silhouettes: Put a spooky silhouette in the window. Skeletons, witches, bats, a headless ghost—the possibilities are endless! 

  1. Hanging ghosts: These ghosts are a simple and fun activity for the kids, and easy to hang on the trees around your campsite. 

If you have some cool Halloween decorating ideas to share, tweet them to @SilentValleyRV.




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